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How Does this Work? 

     Simply put, people who need live music, book and pay for it on the sister site  We then post the gigs for registration on in the "Upcoming Gigs"area.  You register for shows you're interested in and a Vibe Leader reaches out with rehearsal details and any special instructions.  You get paid the day of the gig at check in! 

What is a QuickGig?  ​

       A QuickGig is a gig that has been booked to take place within the next two weeks.  At the vibe leaders' discretion they may be able to ask for an audition piece in order to select for this particular gig. 

Why do I have to Audition?

     Unfortunately, some gigs there will not be enough time to rehearse sufficiently so having an audition piece paired with your information regarding your strengths will help us select the best bloomers for the job. It will be announced on the registration piece if it may be required.  

What is a "Vineout?" 

     We are focused on peer-to-peer learning experiences.  Sometimes the vibe leaders will be able to open rehearsals or venues for other bloomers to sit in, ask questions, observe, and grow in that genre. When there is a vineout avaialble, it will be announced pre-registration. 

What is a "Vibe Leader?"

     This is a musician who is the leader of the gig.  They will be attending walkthroughs, sound checks, organizing rehearsals, and curating set lists for the shows they are taking care of.   They have a bit more responsibility than the average bloomer and we will have openings as we continue to grow! 

How do I get Paid? 

     On your initial sign up, you were asked to select your preferred method of payment.  You will be compensated at check in to your gig!  That's right, no more waiting around for cashapp/ checks/ etc. You will not even be notified of a gig until we are paid. 

Who sets rehearsal times? 

      The Vibe Leader is in charge of organizing rehearsal times.  Locations may vary and they are instructed to work with those whom they select.  The rehearsal times that are in the registration are suggestions from the Vibe Leader and they will be able to be flexible and use other means of technology to make things happen. 

What equipment do I need?

     GRNhaus partners with Guitar Center and others to provide all things needed to get the sound out to the audience and playback to you as a band, you will need the rest (instruments, personal amps, personal microphones, personal in-ears) 

Can I still do my own thing? 

ABSOLUTELY!  We do not have any exclusivity clauses and you are able to work within GRNhaus and also gig with your own established bands! However, we do ask that you do not promote your own personal ventures at gigs you received through GRNhaus to keep it professional!  Please feel free to share what you have going on so your community can support you there as well! 

Why are there not many opportunities? 

 This is a start up company and we have a dedicated team on the ground scouting venues and clientele!  Please be patient with us as we are growing and pushing to have more opportunities and resources available.  Our vision is to stretch outside of Phoenix, so a willingness to travel will definitely be a plus!  We also do offer referral bonuses to our members who bring clients to us! 

Shantal Reed

Shantal Reed

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